8 Things Wind Mitigation Inspectors Consider in Insurance

You may be eligible for a discount depending on the size of your home when you get homeowner’s insurance. Here are eight things an inspector will consider to determine if you qualify for a discount.

Roof Covering

An inspector will need information regarding the date of installation and whether it conforms to building codes. Florida’s last update to the code standard was in 2001.

The Roof Deck Attachment

An inspector will determine what type of roof decking was used and how it was attached to the underlying structure. It should be noted whether it was stapled or nailed to the roof. It will also be noted if nails were used.

Attachment of the Roof and Wall

Roof attachments will be the focus of an inspector. Are the trusses attached with hurricane clips or nails Are you using single wraps or double wraps? You’ll get a better outcome if your roof is secure.

Roof’s Geometry

Its shape will be examined by an inspector. A pyramid-like roof will be a good choice.

Bracing of Gable Ends

The inspector will inspect if the gable ends of your roof have been braced according to code standards if it is a gable-style roof. A gable end that measures more than 48 inches needs reinforcement bracing. The inspectors will check the roof to determine if it is eligible for a discount.

Types of wall construction

An inspector will inspect your house to determine the quality of reinforcement, framing, and outer fascia. A concrete block with steel reinforcement may be more affordable than one that has plastic siding and a plywood frame.

Secondary Barrier to Water

This is a new approach to roofing. This type of barrier is unlikely to apply to roofs that were installed or upgraded before 2008. To get a discount, you will need photographic documentation.

Protect yourself

Here an inspector will inspect your shutters and other devices protecting windows and doors from debris. If your devices have ratings, the inspector will also inspect them. They will want to verify that they are hurricane-rated. For this discount, all of your openings should be protected with hurricane-rated protection.

It is important to have a hurricane-rated home. This will help you save money on your home insurance. These are the items that inspectors will look at. You want to ensure that your home is as safe as possible in the event of a storm.

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