Unique Benefits And Applications Of Using A Strain Gauge

Any structure can have defects. These can be visible in the form of structural faults. This is where you find strain gauge techniques highly applicable. The technology is widely used for conducting tests of the drilling platforms, dams, ship hulls, and vehicles. The technique is mainly used by civil engineers.

A simple strain gauge device is installed during the construction phase when building bridges. You can search for more information on strain gauge transducers online. You can also collect more information related to strain gauge transducer rentals online.

Why are these devices used?

There are practically two types of testing performed – laboratory and field testing. Both types may differ in outcomes. Field testing is more accurate as compared to laboratory testing, which is based on theory.

Field testing will prove helpful in testing the environment, geometry, and complex shapes. This is where strain gauge measurements are widely useful. The devices are designed to match the requirements when it comes to practical applications.

Widely used in aerospace uses

Aerospace is one of the fields where strain gauge testing systems are widely used. The devices are portable and can directly be connected to the load-bearing components. It helps test the maximum and minimum levels of deflections.

The devices that are used for testing will also help in the process of calibration. It helps determine the maximum load that can be safely carried under different weather conditions.

Bridge cable testing

Bridges are often open for all types of structural damages. The weather conditions can affect the performance of the bridge. In most cases, visual inspections may not be accurate. The measurements have to be taken using more accurate devices.

Proper testing techniques will help in reducing hazards on account of collapses. The devices are placed on the bridges and will be inspected visually. More advanced bridge structures can be designed that are damage-proof.

The same techniques are also used to monitor the deflection of the bridges on account of speeding vehicles and environmental conditions. The devices are directly connected to the Ethernet services so the entire data can be directly recorded and transmitted.

Rail system monitoring

Railway lines have to maintain a high level of safety. A small deflection in the form of a bend line will result in catastrophic. In any case, physical monitoring of the rail lines may not be possible. These rail lines may extend for thousands of miles.

Every second monitoring is never possible. You need to depend on a very accurate measuring device. This is why strain gauge devices are installed on the rail lines after small distances. The devices are designed to monitor the expansion of the rail lines.

Measurement devices are designed to offer a high level of security. They secure the system that is being tested. Advanced technology will help in gathering the most accurate measurements.

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