The spring is here, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the Charlotte realty market is booming. Many of the homes I have inspected recently went under contract within the first day of their listing, with many receiving multiple offers. All are rocking in Huntersville, Mooresville, Concord, and Charlotte.

This article will discuss Charlotte’s top home inspectors and where to find them. There are many good inspectors in the area. Knowing the right questions to ask will ensure you find a stud inspector rather than a dud inspector is key.

Let me share five common mistakes people make when looking for a Charlotte home inspector. The next post will discuss the five questions you must ask your inspector before hiring them. But for now, let’s focus on the most common mistakes people make when searching for the best home inspector.

Mistake #1 Choosing an inspector simply because they are cheaper is not a good idea. Some inspectors have more experience and are more knowledgeable than others. Inspectors with more experience and a greater understanding of the systems within a home are better equipped to spot problems. The largest investment you will make in your life is buying a house. You want to ensure the person you choose to inspect your home is qualified and experienced.

The second mistake – I love Realtors, and there are many great ones! We could make bad decisions when buying a home if they weren’t there to protect our interests. It’s best to have your Realtor refer several inspectors to you. Then, after interviewing each one, make your own decision on who to hire. Although I would love for my Realtors only to refer Howdy Home Inspections clients, I believe people should have choices. I feel confident in my experience and qualifications when they consider me to be their inspector. I am fine with a buyer interviewing me and choosing another inspector.

The #3 mistake – Not hiring an inspector to inspect new construction is the most costly mistake a homebuyer could make. Many people believe everything should be perfect because they are buying a new house and the building inspector has signed off on it. This is not true at all! Although a licensed general contractor “builds” the house, it is not the one framing it. Unskilled labourers charge $9.00 per hour for this work. I was in a newer house, where the entire addition was connected to the existing framing using toe-nailed roof rafters. They did not use hangers, a leader or any other support.

Fourth error – Not following along with the inspector. All buyers are encouraged to tag along with me for the inspection to understand the importance of each item I include in my inspection report. When negotiating for repairs, I want buyers to put the greatest emphasis on the most critical items. A crack in your heat exchanger can be more dangerous than a crack in your driveway, which could cause a trip hazard. Your inspector should explain to you the significance of each item and what it means when you accompany them on inspection.

Mistake #5 This common error can lead to home buyers losing thousands of dollars. Your Home Inspector in Charlotte should mention in your report that they recommend further inspection by a specialist. The specialist, BEFORE closing, should then examine this item. Many people wait until after closing to hire an electrician or HVAC contractor. Because these evaluations were done after closing, the homeowner is responsible for any costs. Remember, an inspector may tell you to have something evaluated. This is because there are some things that the inspectors find suspicious about the system.

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