Decorating a dining space? 8 unpleasant mistakes you should avoid

Decorating your interiors is much more than enhancing your home’s aesthetic. It is also about mindfully utilizing the space and improving its functionality. Ideally, your home’s decor should meet your taste, preferences and needs. 

While you probably spend a lot of time in the living area and bedroom, you cannot forget about the dining space. A dining room brings the family together and creates a lovely space for social gatherings. Although the space can be lovely, certain design choices can make your space feel unwelcoming. 

In this post, we are sharing certain mistakes to avoid when decorating your dining area.

Not knowing what you like

The love for interior design is not dying anytime soon, from furniture styles to lighting fixtures, there have never been more choices! While an abundance of options is a privilege, it can also feel overwhelming. 

Which hue of paint will suit your interiors? Do you need contemporary furniture or something more traditional? What about the type of upholstery? 

If you are feeling confused, it is best to understand what you like. Head over to Pinterest, Instagram, and interior decor blogs for inspiration. 

Starting with the walls

It is quite possible that you will want to paint the walls before anything else. Wait! We understand that painting walls before furnishing is easier, but there is a catch. What if your furniture and fixtures do not work with the walls? Before you finalize a color or wallpaper for the walls, we suggest selecting all the other room decors. This will ensure that everything looks good together. 

Choosing a trendy table

A trendy dining table may have caught your eye, but it might not be the best option. That is because trendy furniture usually does not age well. Instead, go for an elegant and timeless black oak dining table. The dining table is crafted with durable materials, so is made to last for generations. 

Overlooking lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures not only lend visual appeal but also add to the ambiance of the room. To create an inviting dining space, you should install hanging pendant lights and wall sconces. However, do not make the lights so dim that your guests are unable to clearly see what is on their plates. 

Not paying attention to the size

Size matters, especially when it comes to interior design. Whether you are shopping for a dining table or a rug, finding the right size is crucial. Placing a dining table that is too big for the room can make your space smaller. It can also make it difficult to move around. Therefore, measure your room as well as the furniture before deciding.

Making it too formal

Unless you frequently host fancy dinners, do not make your dining room overly formal. A formal dining room may look opulent, but it can often feel stiff and impersonal. Instead, design a warm space that is perfect for casual meals and late-night conversations. 

Neglecting comfort

There is no doubt that an intricately carved dining table and matching chairs do look stunning. However, do the chairs provide comfort? Considering that the dining area is a place to sit back and enjoy meals, you cannot neglect comfort when picking furniture. When struggling to choose between various pieces of furniture, we recommend prioritizing comfort over style.

Not thinking about visual cohesiveness

Many amateur interior decorators forget about visual cohesiveness. A particular artwork or wallpaper may look beautiful on its own, but will it complement the rest of your room? It is important to ensure that every element of decor fits your broader artistic vision.

The bottom line

The dining room holds the potential to become one of the most loved spaces in your home! Hopefully, our tips help you to create a stylish, welcoming, and comfortable space.

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