Designing a Custom Pantry: A Guide

A pantry design doesn’t have to be complicated. Organized Living’s online Design Tool lets you design your own space. Organized Living collaborated with her recently to create her dream pantry. She knew that a pantry was a must-have in her home. She also needed it to be practical and adaptable, as she is a professional. Using the Online Design Tool, she created a pantry that met her specific needs. Jacqueline was able to optimize the space and choose the accessories that best fit her lifestyle. Finally, her dream pantry was realized.

“I was so happy to use the system for my pantry. It was so simple to make a functional design that the whole family could use. Jacqueline was impressed by the product features and adjustability of her pantry.

Perfect Pantry Design Ideas

It’s easy to design a pantry that meets your needs. When designing your pantry, these items are important.

  • How much is storage space available?
  • What can you store? (food, linens, paper items, small appliances, etc. )
  • Which shelving and storage style do you prefer? (Wire vs open shelves, solid shelving, drawers, cabinets, etc.
  • What is most important to you? (Design, functionality, adjustability, space, aesthetics, etc. )

Jacqueline knew she wanted a white kitchen long before she used the online Design Tool. Jacqueline wanted a pantry to hold her small appliances like her coffee maker, toaster oven and espresso machine. Jacqueline placed her small appliances on top of a stained wood countertop above the OBox 1 Shelf Units. The space blends seamlessly into Jacqueline’s home. Jacqueline and her family can use the outlets on the pantry counters, so their kitchen counters don’t get cluttered.

Have a look at the past pantries

It is important to understand what you need in a custom pantry. Look at the past successes. What worked for you in the past but didn’t? What have you missed? What frustrates or is it? Jacqueline was annoyed that her previous pantries had wire shelving. Jacqueline was not a fan of the idea of wire shelving. Sometimes food packages would fall through the wire shelving, creating chaos. Jacqueline wanted solid shelving for her pantry to avoid future mess and make cleanup easy.

Satisfaction = Flexibility, Adjustability

When it comes to Custom Designed Pantries in Ashburn Va, flexibility and adaptability are key. You can store many items in different sizes of food packaging. This is the perfect storage solution for pantries because you can easily adjust your shelves or accessories. Jacqueline does not have to stack her entire collection or flip over large cereal boxes to fit it. In seconds, she can adjust the shelf to her liking. Jacqueline said she could add another shelf to her pantry in 25 seconds.

Think outside the box

Jacqueline’s pantry features traditional accessories that have been repurposed. This is a great way of maximizing space. She turned solid Wood Shoe Shelves into a rack to store all her canned goods. Jacqueline loves that she can easily see her items and where the next roll is. Jacqueline used this update to store bread. It was similar to how loaves are at the grocery shop. Bread is never out of place.

Get More Accessories

Some items won’t stand up well on shelves or in the pantry. There are many options. Box Chrome Baskets is one accessory that you can pull out. This feature allows Jacqueline to store bagged chips and potatoes together. You can also remove them so you can take the entire basket to your kitchen whenever you want it.

Pantry Dreams come true.

Consider what is most important to you to create your dream pantry. Jacqueline could design the pantry she had always wanted with Organized Living’s online Design Tool. It’s more than she could have imagined. Think outside the box when designing your pantry. You can be creative with the accessories you choose. You don’t have to be perfect in every detail. You can add shelves and accessories as you need.

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