5 Factors That Degrade the Efficiency of an Air Conditioning System

A house is run by a lot of appliances and systems. Although every appliance has its own impact and importance, some are more important than others. The HVAC system is one such life line of the house that needs to be maintained and serviced regularly. It would be a huge mistake if a system like the HVAC is neglected in any way for the simple reason that so much depends on it. Air conditioning systems need care to last long and function well and smoothly. There are a lot of day-to-day routines that can hamper their functionality and ultimately render them useless. It is better to avoid such actions as much as possible. Here is a list of actions that majorly accelerate the degradation of an air conditioning system.


Every entity in any form undergoes changes and these changes eventually over time degrades its physical attributes and functionality. Air conditioning systems are no exception. Like other appliances, they need constant maintenance and servicing. The maintenance and servicing of air conditioning systems not only make them work smoothly but also ensure the avoidance of a sudden breakdown of the whole system. Maintenance ensures that even the minor glitches that could hamper their working are also taken care of in time. Regular service by professionals is absolutely essential. The routine servicing ensures regular inspections that are able to find the smallest glitches in the system. This ensures the smooth function of the air conditioning system and better output too.


In absence of regular inspections, duct breakages can go unnoticed and can create havoc. Duct breakages and leakages are some of the major reasons for the poor functioning of an air conditioning system. Duct breakages lead to leakage of the conditioned air through the cracks in the pipe. This leads to delayed conditioning of the temperature in the space. Leakages also alleviate the seepage of warm air into the ducts, thus increasing the time to condition the air in the required space. 


The Darwin air conditioning warehouse owners believe that setting unreasonable temperatures on the thermostat is the beginning of the end of a properly functioning air conditioning system. The solution to the urge to always set thermostats to very low temperatures is to understand the long-term damage it does to the air conditioning system. Programmable thermostats are an important solution too for they hugely help in increasing the efficiency and functionality of the air conditioning system. Programmable is ideal for the conservation of energy in times of less load. The sensors on such thermostats are responsible for automating the temperatures in the surroundings.


The coils present in evaporators and condensers are responsible for the smooth ventilation of hot air in the HVAC system. A dirt buildup in these coils can cause the incomplete ventilation of hot air. This can make the whole system overwork which in no way is an ideal scenario. Immediate repairing or replacement of the coils is absolutely essential in such a scenario to avoid problems with the functioning of an air conditioning system.


Anything that is of bad quality tends to wear down soon as compared to another object with the functioning. A bad quality product should never be installed. Air conditioning systems are long-term installations whose quality should never be compromised. 

It is a myth that a smoothly functioning air conditioning system can go on for years without any maintenance. They need constant inspection and attention to last for a long time in the best possible way.

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