Can Applying Fresh Paint Improve The Value Of Your Home?

There’s no doubt that a fresh coat of paint will always enhance the value of your house, but only if the painting process has been carried out correctly. If you’re in the market to sell your home soon, then you must remember that it’s not an easy process. Some homeowners feel that they should make certain improvements before listing their house for sale, and on the other hand, some homeowners believe that a new coat of interior paint will do the job just fine. 

While all of the above-mentioned sentiments are true, most homeowners overlook the importance of opting for a new coat of exterior paint for their homes. To help you learn about the value of exterior paint jobs on your home, we have created this in-depth guide that you should go through in its entirety. 

What Does A Fresh Exterior Paint To Your Home Say About Your Property?

According to a well-known company for house painting in Auckland, any potential home buyer will not only love the fresh paint on the home that he or she is planning to buy but will also appreciate the care that has been put into the home’s maintenance process. 

First impressions are always essential in any home sale and the curb appeal of a property is what attracts home buyers. No buyer would like to purchase a house that cracked, peeling or chipped paint – showcasing the overall lack of maintenance. As a result, buyers will start to wonder – if the exteriors of the house haven’t been maintained properly, then now well-maintained interiors will be. 

How Can You Increase The Value Of Your House Using Paint Colours?

Choosing the ideal colour for your home’s exterior paint will always prove to be a difficult and significant decision. This is because it’s an investment that you expect to last for multiple years at a stretch and will even enhance the value of your property.

If you’re having difficulty finding the correct colour palette for your home exteriors, then taking a look at the neutral shades can be a great place to start. This is because when you use lighter paint colours, you can make your home look bigger than what it is. On the other hand, darker shades will make your property look smaller. Such is the reason why most people believe that using lighter paint colours for a home will help in increasing the home value more. 

Some examples of lighter exteriors shades are:

  • Grey
  • Sky blue
  • Beige
  • White

Whatever lighter shade you decide to choose for your home exteriors, always pair it with white trim. 

In case you want to know more about our home painting service, be sure to connect with us today. 

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