Guide to Selecting an Architect

What can I do to make my architect happy?

An architect can play a number of key roles during the construction process. Although they might be hired to design complex projects and draft plans, architects can also manage the construction and planning process.

A licensed architect is a professional trained and holds a license. Although home designers may be licensed, they can charge more. Designers may not be covered against malpractice, depending on the state regulations.

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Although it may seem expensive to hire an architect design services, you will be much happier. An architect is an expert in the use of space creatively and efficiently and knowing which materials are most cost-effective and which designs work best. An architect can help you find the best lighting and storage options and where to put appliances to make your kitchen easier to navigate. You won’t waste time fixing issues in plans and they can help you avoid violating building codes. You’ll save a lot of time and effort during the planning and construction of your home.

Some of the services that an architect can offer are

Drawing plans: To begin construction, you will need a building permit. You will usually need to submit a plan and other materials as part of your application. An architect will draft the plan professionally and clearly. This communicates the design to city officials, engineers, contractors and inspectors and streamlines the permitting process.

As part of the building plan, an architect will draw architectural drawings

  • Personalizing your space: Architects have the ability to use spaces creatively. They will communicate with you to help you incorporate your personal tastes and personality into the design.
  • Recommendations for fixtures and finishes: Many architects are skilled in selecting lights, carpets and cabinets to match your home’s design. If you want the architect to recommend these items, an additional fee might be charged.
  • Understanding and complying with city codes and requirements. Architects ensure that their designs conform to the city codes and standards. They can prepare most of the paperwork required, depending on the type of submission. This can help you save a lot of time and save you money.
  • To achieve your dream, work with the contractor and engineer. Building a home takes a team effort. Many architects have worked with other professionals in order to facilitate smooth project management.
  • Project management: With your permission and payment, some architects will continue working on the project even after submitting the plans and designs. They may be responsible for ensuring that the project is within budget and on time, and addressing any problems or changes during construction.

These are just a few of the many services that an architect could provide for you. You will not find every architect offering all these services. It is important to ask them which services they offer and their experience with the subject.

How do you find the right architect

The architect you work with will also be a part of your project. It is important to ensure that you both feel comfortable and compatible with one another before you hire. It is important to ask the right questions when interviewing potential architects in order to determine if they are a good fit for your project and you. This interview might not be completely free.

You should also cover

  • Interest and workload: Does the architect seem interested in your project or not? What other projects do they have at the same moment as yours? Is there enough time in their schedule to accommodate your project? What number of staff members are they able to share the work load?
  • Referrals and experience: Which projects has the architect worked on previously? Are they able to show examples? Are you able to contact past clients and view the final products? Do they have any knowledge about applying for permits?
  • Communication and cooperation: How do they collaborate with others? How does their approach to conflict with clients? How can you communicate with them throughout the process?
  • Design process: What steps will they take to design your space? What responsibilities will they take on and what will you do? What percentage of the work will be outsourced? When will you meet? How will they handle changes to the design during the building process?
  • Beyond the design phase: What else can they do to help you? Do they have recommendations for trusted contractors and suppliers?
  • Timeline: How long do you think it will take for the project to be planned, designed, and completed? What strategies can they use to ensure your project is on schedule and within budget?
  • How are they able to calculate their asking price? Are they charging an hourly rate or a percentage of total project costs? Or a flat fee. How are their fees affected by changes to the project scope? Are there any additional fees? These fees should be included in your budget.

After you have interviewed the architect, ask yourself the most important question: Would you like to work alongside them? If you agree, make sure that everything in the contract is clear, including fees, timelines, and services.

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