Having An Old Air Conditioner? Here Are Some Top Reasons To Change It

Before the fall and winter seasons arrive, homeowners living in colder climates proceed to cover their AC systems so that they can be protected from the disastrous cold winds. 

But, before you decide to protect your AC system, the first question you need to ask yourself is that – is it worth protecting? If your AC system is new, then absolutely. But, if your air-conditioning system is old and outdated, then it’s a better idea to simply replace it rather than trying to protect the same. 

Reasons To Change Your Old Air Conditioner

  • Air Conditioners Generally Have A Lifespan Of 15 Years

Professional home inspection in Salt Lake City services has stated that usually, AC systems last for around 15 years. If it has been regularly maintained and thereby kept in good condition, then the lifespan might be a bit higher (say up to 20 years). But, when regular maintenance is not carried out, then the above-mentioned numbers will continue to drop off. 

So, if your AC system is already around 15 years old, it should be your time to evaluate whether you should be keeping it or replacing it outright. It should be realized that old systems will not be able to provide a sufficient level of comfort, which is why you need to make a choice that aims to benefit you in the long term. 

  • Old Systems Are Inefficient

It should come as no surprise that old systems will not be able to provide you with the same efficient service as a new one. One of the main reasons behind such inefficiency is that – old systems will not be able to extract humidity from the air. When humidity is not extracted from the air source, your home interiors will feel clammy and uncomfortable. 

On the other hand, an AC system will be very efficient in extracting more humidity from the incoming air more, which will make you feel comfortable. 

And there’s the obvious point of more energy being wasted in the operation of your old AC systems. Old AC systems consume more kilowatt per hour, leading to high energy bills at the end of each month, especially in the summer season. With a new AC system, you can always expect higher efficiency, leading to lower energy bills, ultimately saving your money.

  • More Noise

There’s no doubt that old systems are always noisier than a new one. This is because the components inside of the system have gone through multiple levels of wear & tear. There will also be corrosion involved as well. 

Noisy AC systems can be a menace especially if you like calmer environments around your home. Moments like these are when you need to make the much-needed switch to the new AC systems. 

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