Here’s How to Scrap Your Old Car for Cash

Every car has a point that is irreversible. It’s the point at which your car becomes a nuisance and no longer roadworthy. You must make a decision on how to move forward.

Most people would call the junkyard as the next step. But that’s not your only option. While it might seem like the best option, it is important to remember that you have other options. We will explain these options and help you decide if scrapping your vehicle is the best move.

Let’s discuss how to maximize your return on investment and send your car to its final forever home.

How to proceed with your Junker car

When considering your next steps, there are many options. Everyone has a different car, and everyone is at a different point in their lives. So choose according to your goals and circumstances. Let’s look at your options.

Option 1: You can sell it for parts or as a parts car

No matter how old a car is, there are likely to be a few parts that can be sold separately. Someone is searching for a part of your car that they can’t afford new. You have to research to determine if the car could be scrapped before you make a profit. Although it can be tedious, it could also prove to be very rewarding.

Another option is to sell the car as a complete parts car. It is possible to make some extra cash, but it is not guaranteed. Always compare cash offers from wreckers before you sell.

Option 2: Keep it as your own parts car

Although it is unlikely, there are a few people who will purchase the exact same car as their next car. You can check your car for any parts that are missing or damaged before you dispose of it. You can also buy parts and make a project car.

Option 3: Donate It

You can also recycle your car.

Option 4: Sell it for cash

Even if your car isn’t worth anything on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, it can still be worth a few hundred dollars to a scrapyard. The scrapyard will pay cash for scrap cars and then either part it out or throw it in a pick n’pull.

It’s better than a sharp object in the eye.

There are many benefits to scrapping your car

It is very simple to scrap your car. Here’s why.

Avoid the Sales Headache

Your car is junk, so you know it has low value. Although you might be able negotiate for a few dollars here and there, the likelihood is that you will get less than $500. This will save you the hassle of selling your car and dealing directly with the public.

They pick it up

Most scrap yards will pick up your car at your home free of charge if you have decided to take your car to the yard. Some companies will even pay you to transport your car to them, if this is possible thanks to a friend who has a truck or trailer.

Instant Cash

If the wreckers arrive to pick up your car, they will likely pay you cash right away.

You don’t necessarily need your title

Some companies will accept vehicles without a title but will charge an additional fee of $50-150.

What amount should I expect for my scrap car?

Each car is unique, so it will vary based on its condition and completeness. However, you can expect to receive $200-500 from your scrapyard.

Know your deductions

The scrap yard will deduct money from the vehicle’s value if it is missing parts or the title. Victory Auto Wreckers, Illinois, takes $10 off a radio that is missing, $20 for a battery that is missing, and $100 to replace a catalytic converter. You will need to research the value of each part before agreeing to terms.

How to Scrap Your Car

It is not difficult. This should be the result:

  1. Get in touch with different companies to determine eligibility.
  2. Compare prices and make an offer
  3. Make an appointment for a pickup.
  4. Transfer paperwork
  5. Cash in exchange for your car
  6. As your car drives off into the distance, wave goodbye.
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