How to Run your House using Mainly Solar Power

If you are looking for ways to cut back on your utilities and mainly on lowering your power bill, then you may want to consider installing a few PV modules on your roof, or above your garage or any part of your residence that’s exposed to direct sunlight. One of the main reasons that you would want to opt for solar power is that it happens to be free (other than the initial investment), and with it, you can avail several government-based initiatives including tax credits. You can even sell the excess power produced back to the power company as well.

Can You Run Your Whole House On Solar Power

  • Install the Modules: The first thing that you need to do is to locate a reliable provider – just search online for solar companies in Brisbane. This should list out all the top providers who can install solar modules on your property and you can ensure that the same is installed by licensed professionals. And if you happen to be into DIY, then you can handle the same yourself but given the cost and the investment, it would be better to get it done by a real professional. But before opting for the first solar provider you come across, you may want to search online for solar companies, Brisbane as this should provide you with a list of some of the top end solar companies in and around your current location. You can then contact them, ask them for an appraisal and a cost estimate and determine as to which provider to opt for – as far as installing the solar panels are concerned.
  • Inverter: Most solar panels provide power in the form of AC; however, if it produces DC, then you can attach your solar panels to an inverter so that it converts the same to AC which you can use to meet your current household requirements.
  • Make Hot Water: As solar cells recharge during the day, you can use the power generated to heat your water with ease. But you need to be able to convert your hot water systems to electric boilers which you can then use, based on the solar power generated during the day. This should enable you to cut back on grid usage and lower that power bill as well. You may be required to convert your regular water heaters to electric boilers.
  • High Consumption Devices: Various devices consume a lot of power – from dishwasher to washing machine etc. But with solar modules in place, you should be able to run these appliances based on your solar power and reduce your reliance on the traditional power grid at the same time.
  • Gardening: Since you are now producing solar power, you can use the same to help meet your various gardening requirements. You would need a portable solar battery that you can store the solar power in. You can then use the same to power up some of the common gardening appliances such as mover, hedge trimmer, and even use the battery to power up LED lights for your garden
  • Power up your HVAC: If you happen to use an HVAC system in your home, you can power up the same with solar power. The same applies to all the lights in your home as well as AC and heaters.

These are some of the ways by which you can opt for when planning to run your home on solar power. Do remember to search online for solar companies, Brisbane and make sure that you check out the reviews of these companies. Most of the reviews would have been posted by other customers and you can utilize this feedback as a way to sort through the various solar power companies in your current location. But please make sure that you do the required research before opting for installation and that includes checking the background of these companies, any reviews on them as well as determining how long they have been in this business and more importantly, on whether they can deliver on the goods, as promised.

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