Know About Essential HVAC Parts for Timely Maintenance & Repair

HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) plays a crucial role in making your home comfortable throughout the year. These electric systems are built of several moving parts. Thus, paying attention to them and timely maintenance will help run your HVAC system efficiently for a longer duration. 

Here are five vital parts of HVAC that you must know about. You can increase their shelf-life and hire the right HVAC parts Dallas service provider by knowing the essential parts well.

Fan Motor

One of the most significant HVAC parts that circulate air throughout the area. Fan motors run even in harsh environmental conditions. When dirt builds upon the bearings, it leads to overheating issues in the fan’s motor. Thus, you can’t overlook their upkeep. 


Another significant part of your heat pump or air conditioner is the compressor. It creates a cool environment around the facility by throwing out the heat. As the name implies, it compresses warm gas refrigerants into cold liquid.

Make sure to regularly clean the dirt, leaves, and debris away from the condenser to maintain its life. You can also wash it thoroughly once a year with a garden hose. Besides, create an extra shade over the outdoor unit for more protection.

Evaporator Coil

Next comes the evaporator coil installed inside the split AC that looks like a car’s radiator. Generally, there is a metal enclosure over it for protection. The refrigerant in your AC system runs through the evaporator coil and consumes heat from the indoor system. Henceforth, circulating the cool air all over your room via ductwork, removing the heat in the process. Alongside, the humidity level reduces in your home, and indoor becomes cooler.

However, the mold growth on damp evaporator coils can be a cause of damage. Ultimately, affecting the cooling power of your HVAC system and damaging them. 


The thermostat works when the air temperature becomes too hot or cold. It distributes warm or cold air throughout your home or office area. Some HVAC systems also come with more than one thermostat to manage different areas as needed. If you neglect the basic upkeep of this part, it will stop functioning properly.  

Set your thermostat manually to the desired temperature or at an advanced setting to prevent it from damage. However, you can consider a thermostat replacement in case of damage that is not a costly service.

Refrigerant Lines

Lastly, there are copper or aluminum tubes called refrigerant lines, which run between the outdoor condensing unit and the indoor evaporator coil. They transfer the liquid throughout the evaporating coil and condensing unit.

A refrigerant line leakage can build ice on the evaporator coils, hence affecting the entire cooling system.


Understanding the basic working parts of your HVAC system helps with timely maintenance and repairs. As a result, these parts provide clean and comfortable air to every corner of your office or home. By using a properly maintained HVAC system, you can even save energy and monthly bills. So ensure to install only high-quality equipment from a reliable HVAC parts Dallas store.

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