Roadside Car Maintenance- How Do You Change Your Car Tyres

It is a valuable skill to change your car’s tires. Nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and wait hours for assistance. There’s no reason to wait for that to happen.

We have created this comprehensive guide to assist you in replacing your car’s tires without relying on others.

How to Replace Your Car Tyres on The Road

You will need the following equipment:
  • A wrench
  • A jack
  • A spare, functional tire
  • Large mat to sit on
  • Gloves
This is the process:
  • First, find a place to park your car. If you are driving, make sure you have an exit route. Once you reach the safest place, you can pull over. Popular hyundai wreckers in adelaide say that you should ensure the surface is flat so it’s easier to jack up.
  • Turn on your hazard lights, and safety is the most important thing. Next, take your jack and spare tire, as well as your mat, wrench, and mat, out of your car. All of these items should be brought to the flat tire.
  • Lay your mat on or around the flat tire, making it easier to sit or kneel.
  • Use your wrench to loosen the lug nuts. (Removal of the hubcap will be required). You can loosen the nuts but not remove them immediately. You can loosen the nuts with your wrench if the nuts are very tight.
  • After removing the lug nuts from your tires, it is time to lift the vehicle off the ground using the jack. Make sure you are using the jack correctly. If you have any questions, consult the owner’s guide. You should raise the vehicle six inches above the floor.
  • Once you have lifted the car off the ground, it is time to take out the lug nuts. Then remove the tire from the vehicle. Keep the lug nuts safe, so they don’t become lost or stolen. To remove the tire from the wheelbase, it should be pulled straight.
  • Next, place the spare car tire into the wheelbase. Then align the lug nuts to the holes in your spare tire. It would be best if you pushed the spare tire inside the wheelbase, so it fits snugly.
  • Then seal the lug nuts. You should not tighten them too much, but enough pressure to keep them in place.
  • Use your jack to bring your vehicle to the ground. Then, you can remove the jack.
  • Finally, tighten everything (including the nuts). To ensure your tire is ready for driving, check each lugnut one at a time.

Signs that might tell you to change your car’s tires beforehand

To avoid roadside emergencies, it’s important to be familiar with your car’s tires. We recommend inspecting your car’s tires for punctures, damaged valve caps, worn areas, uneven tread wear, and other issues.

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