The Merits Of Utilising Window Air Conditioning Systems

When it comes to choosing air conditioners, we generally have two options before us – window AC and split AC. Each type provides its benefits and drawbacks, which is there are no clear-cut winners in this duel. However, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll be talking only about window ACs and the various advantages you can obtain by using them. 

The Various Merits Of Using Window Air Conditioners

  1. The Portability

Even though calling a window AC ‘portable’ might not be the apt word, compared to an HVAC system, it’s much easier to uninstall and install in a different place, seamlessly. For instance, if you decide to shift from one house to another, moving your window AC will be just a piece of cake. You don’t have to leave your window AC behind.

As a result, you can save a lot of time since you don’t have to look for a new AC anymore. Moreover, its compact shape allows it to be installed anywhere – provided you have a window. 

  1. The Functionality

According to a professional service provider for window air conditioning in Kelowna, window ACs can be considered as mini-HVAC systems because they cater to individual rooms instead of the entire house. What this means is that – it can not only provide cool air in the summer season but also warmth during the winters. Thus, you can use them all year round. 

You can also proceed to use your window AC for ventilation needs. 

  1. The Energy Efficiency

Compared to HVAC systems, window ACs are much more efficient and therefore can help you save a lot of money in the long run. Any air conditioner that you buy nowadays in the market will come with an EER or Energy Efficiency Rating. EER is represented in the form of stars – the more the stars, the more is the efficiency. The lowest is one star while the highest is five stars. 

Since window ACs are tasked with cooling only a single room or an enclosed space and not the entire house, they are much more efficient than your usual HVAC systems. 

Ensure that you buy a window AC with EER rated at least three stars. 

  1. The Space Saver

As window ACs are designed to fit inside windows, they will not take up valuable floor space inside your home. This can be a major advantage especially if you’re living inside a small home and available space is scarce. 

Since the majority of a window AC sits on the outskirts of your home, through the window, it will not affect your daily activities inside your room. 

  1. The Supplementary Cooling Option

If you don’t like using your HVAC system all the time, because it leads to higher energy bills, such as during nighttime or when just a single room is occupied in your home, window ACs can act as supplementary cooling options. 

Ultimately, you can enjoy lower monthly electricity bills without having to compromise on your comfort.

In case you want to know more about our professional window air conditioning services, be sure to contact our in-house experts at any moment. 

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